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MAKSTAT LV 60 (Antistatic Lubricant for Synthetic Fibre)

MAKSTAT LV 60: Synthetic fibres are of hydrophobic in nature and they act as insulants in storing static charge. Due to the static charge, the fibre rise up and undesirable lapping is observed. Similar troubles occur in the drafting zone of spinning machines and the troubles have adverse effects on spinning efficiency and yarn quality. It reduces the generation of electric charge on the fibre or increases surface conductance. Our MAKSTAT LV 60 besides arresting the above troubles, ensures uniform and trouble free performance in spinning. It has hydroscopic tendencies which helps to maintain adequate layer of moisture on the surface of the fibre and it is responsible for dissipating the static energy. Our MAKSTAT LV 60 is manufactured with imported surfactants, emulsifiers and solubilisers and it also ensures fibre to fibre cohension and fibre to metal lubricity.

  1. Reduces the co efficient of friction between fibre and metal surface and thus dissipates the building up of adequate static charge during processing.
  2. Minimizes fibre slippage on take up cones.
  3. Proper lubrication with MAKSTAT LV 60 ensures uniform yarn, well rounded sliver formation due to overdraw at intersection movers.
  4. MAKSTAT LV 60 also reduces roller lapping. This is made possible due to well balanced properties of MAKSTAT LV 60 – antistatic protection, frinctional balance,l cohesion and lubricity.
  5. MAKSTAT LV 60 ensures uniform distribution of antistatic lubricant and balances the finish.
  6. The use of MAKSTAT LV 60 also helps to reduce slubs, fly waste and in build sliver.


It is applied as an aqueous solution using conventional methods.


0.1% to 0.5% on fibre weight.