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Chemical Requirement :

Calculate the plate volume by working out as follows:

Volume is = Πr²h
Where Π = 3.14

Distilleries are requested to calculate the volume of the scaling area and number of plates and arrive at the total water holding capacity M3. Take MIRACLEAN 3000 and caustic lye in the ratio of 1:4 and add water to the required level and quantity.

Temperature Requirement :

The temperature is raised to 90 to 100 Centigrade either in the tank or in the column. Extra quantity may be suitably calculated if there are harder scales.

  1. Preliminary water cleaning for 3 hours (three hours)

    This ensures the elimination of wash characteristics and the pH of the remaining water would be at 7.0 after boiling (boiling to continue till pH reaches 7.0).

  2. First Chemical circulation for 4 to 6 hours (four to six hours)

    The chemical solution should be pumped at the top of the degasifying column and allowed to drain down. Once the solution reaches the bottom, the pumping of the solution should be stopped. The pumping can be precisely monitored by checking the pH of the liquid at the bottom of the column. It is a clear indication that the chemical has reached the bottom of the tank if the pH is 9+ (nine plus). Then the bottom valve is closed and the boiling is started. The solution is drained out after the first boiling of 4-6 hours is over.

  3. Second chemical boiling for 4-6 hours (four hours)

    The balance quantity of solution is pumped into the column and then boiled for four to six hours. The balance quantity of solution is pumped into the column and then boiled for four to six hours.

  4. Final water boiling for three hours

    Final water boiling is done for 3 hours will full feeding i.e. the boiling should be done with more water equivalent to the quantity of wash feed. Finally the water is drained out and the loose scales are removed from the bottom of the column.

Note: The cleaning should be done once in 30/45 days for 18 hours as per the methods given above. More quantity of chemicals and time should be considered if you are exposed to hard and carried over scales.

Preheaters and heat exchangers can also be cleaned using MIRACLEAN 3000 followed by MIRACLEAN 3000 S (scrubbing chemical).

Our MIRACLEAN 3000 has been proved at leading distilleries in India namely Rajshree Sugars, J.P. Distillery, Trichy Distillery, Thiru Arooran Sugars, Samson Distillery, Associated Alcohol, S.L.N. Distillery, McDowell, Chemplast, Mysore Sugar and other Distilleries. It is also exported to other countries.