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MAKSPRAY 51 (Cotton Spray Oil)

MAKSPRAY 51 is manufactured with imported wetting and rewetting agents and non-ionic/anionic surfactants and supplied to cotton spinning industries in our country. It is odourless liquid and is soluble in water. It contains no solvents and hence non-toxic and non-inflammable. It does not irritate the skin on coming in contact during working. It is sprayed according to the type of machinery and is let to the judgment of the spinner. However for achieving good results the spraying should be done after the cotton is well opened and after preliminary cleaning operations.

MAKSPRAY 51 imparts the following advantages to the cotton fibre:

  1. Eliminate waste in bales
  2. Lubricates short fibres by wetting and hence deterioration in yarn strength and quality are eliminated
  3. Facilitates smooth carding operations
  4. Helps in change in durability, weight, pliability and other physical characteristics of cotton fibre
  5. Suppresses dust and cotton fibre from flying
  6. Eliminates Roller Lapping
  7. Reduction in nepps
  8. Reduction in fluff generation
  9. Reduction in carding waste
  10. Increase in CSP value and hence final realization
  11. Increases machine efficiency
  12. Increases appearance of yarn and luster
  13. It removes crushed seeds, immature seeds and oil substances completely


It is sprayed with the help of mechanical spraying devices or hand operated sprayers.


One Kg per Ton of cotton is s0prayed evenly after diluting with 10 Kgs of soft water.