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Makboost 7000

Makboost 7000

Makboost 7000

MAKBOOST 7000 – The pH booster is a tailor made and proprietary blend to :

  1. Maintain pH
  2. Control Algae, fungi and bacteria entering through cooling water and air passing through.
  3. It is a blend of pH Booster, bactariocides and scale & corrosion inhibitors to maintain pH of 7 + continuously.

MAKBOOST 7000 maintains pH of the injection system above 7+ and thus eliminates corrosion effect in the injection, pump, cooling tower,/spray pond and pipe lines. Since algae will be under control clogging of spray nozzles (Spray pond) will be avoided and water dispersion and cooling will be better.

Appearance Colourless liquid
pH 13 to 14
Specific Gravity 1.0 to 1.1

Shock Dosage 30 PPM
Regular Dosage 10 PPM