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MAKBOLL T 70 (Chemical to swell cellulose and lumen)

MAKBALL T 70 is the chemical to swell cellulose and lumen, increase the strength, luster, wetting effect and dye absorption capacity of the cotton fiber.

MAKARA with thorough experience in textile spinning and processing for more than three decades manufacture specialty chemicals to increase the characteristics of the cotton fibre by importing raw materials and without any compromise on the quality.

MAKBALL T 70 is manufactured with alkalis, imported wetting and rewetting agents, alcoholic emulsions sequestrants and supplied to cotton spinning industry and according to users, it is a boon to the textile mills. The chemical is nontoxic, non inflammable and do not irritate the skin during working. It is sprayed on the cotton fiber straightway without any dilution and according to the type of fiber used in the mills.

For achieving good results the spraying should be done after the cotton is well opened and after preliminary cleaning operations.

MAKBALL T 70 – imparts the following advantages on the cotton fiber:

  1. Nepps can be avoided to a maximum extent
  2. It allows the fiber to sell (upto 137 to 139 cms) mainly cellulose and lumen with proper sniggering. It increases tensile strength of yarn by 10%
  3. It increases the count and strength of the yarn besides luster of the yarn
  4. The wetting and rewetting agents added increases the wetting and rewetting capacity of the fiber and also dye absorption capacity enabling a reducing of 10% in the dye consumption. It provides dimensional stability of the yarn
  5. In case of mercerized yarn the barium count will get increased up to 130 BAN


Mills are advised to use hot water at 60 degree centigrade to dilute the chemical (ratio 1:10). It is sprayed with the help of mechanical spraying devices or by hand sprayers.


1 Kg per Ton of cotton. However, the mills can decide increasing or decreasing the chemical depending on the fiber quality.


200/50 Kgs HMHDPE Carboys.