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Deposition of scale consists varying composition of scales and the fact is that the scales never consist of a single component and therefore it is not to be expected that one chemical agency would give complete removal of scales in the evaporators.

Therefore MAKARA through in-house R&D have developed a powerful Alkaline Powder descalant consisting of Imported Versene, actuators, cleaning agents with scrubbing bubbles to remove the scales completely in sugar mill evaporator tubes.

One percent (1%) of MIRACLEAN 12000 depending on tube volume with balance of water removes all scales viz Calcium sulphates, Phosphates, Carbonates, Oxalates and Silica completely enabling the evaporators to maintain proper heat transfer co-efficient. The required quantity of caustic soda and soda ash should be supplied by the mills. The quantity of caustic soda corresponding to the quantity of MIRACLEAN 12000 used may be reduced. Dosage differs according to scales formed. MAKARA can depute their Technical person against request from sugar mills.

Appearance Clear colourless to White
pH 12 to 14
Specific gravity 1.0 to 1.1
Dosage 2% initially & 1% regular cleaning

One percent (1%) of MIRACLEAN 12000 on tubes volume with balance of water is to be filled in the tubes upto top tube plate including saucer and the solution should be boiled under reduced vacuum so as to maintain the temperature of the last body above 110° centigrade for 6 to 8 hours. As the main ingredient, the versenes needs a minimum temperature of minimum temperature of 110° centigrade and boiling should be done for minimum 6 to 8 hours, sugar mills are advised to arrange for live steam for 6 Kgs. steam connection so that all the bodies can maintain the temperature above 110° centigrade for complete removal of scales.

Usage of MIRACLEAN 8000PD would soften the scales in the tubes and the scales can be easily removed by using one round of cutters initially in the last two bodies and one round of brushes in the other bodies. The Sugar mills can discard the usage of cutters in the long run. There will be considerable reduction in cleaning time, which has been proved in many sugar mills in our country and abroad. The boiling of chemical and brushing of the tubes can be completed within 10-18 hours and also the complete scales can be removed from the tubes.