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MAKMOLD 30 (Chemical to control Yarn Hairiness)

We wish to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of Sugar, Paper, Textile and Distillery chemical. For Textile Mills we are manufacturing speciality chemicals like Cotton Spray Oil, Antistatic Lubricant for synthetic fibre, Coning Oil, Yarn Conditioning Oil, Honey Dew eliminating Compound, nepps controlling chemicals, Yarn sizing chemicals and Mercerizing chemicals etc.

The over stiffness of the fibre, high micronair value and the relative humidity are the main reasons for the development of hairiness in the yarn besides other parameters.

Our MAKMOLD 30 is capable of arresting the formation of hairiness maximum when it is applied on cotton fibre.

MAKMOLD 30 is manufactured with imported of natural PLASTICIZERS, wetting and rewetting Agents, Surfactants, Fibre Swelling Agents, and emulsifiers, etc.

For achieving good results, the spraying should be done after the cotton is well opened and after the preliminary cleaning operations.

MAKMOLD 30 imparts the following advantages to the cotton yarn:

  1. Removes stiffness in cotton and offer more pliability.
  2. It increases the count and strength (CSP) of the yarn besides luster.
  3. The nepps are also controlled to maximum extent.
  4. The wetting and Rewetting Agents added in our MAKMOLD 30 increases the wetting and rewetting capacity of the fibre and also the dye absorption capacity enabling a reduction of 10% - 15% dye consumption.


It is sprayed with the help of mechanical spraying devices or by hand sprayers.


1 Kg per Ton of cotton. However the Mills can decide increasing or decreasing the chemical depending on the fibre quality.