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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Boiler Water Chemicals

Product Description
MAKQUEST 007 Water conditioner/softener
MIRACUT 003 Scale inhibitor for boiler
MAKSAC 005 Defoamer
MAKBOOST 097 Alkalinity builder/pH modifier
MAXOX 001 Oxygen scavenger
MAKCONTROL 006 Corrosion inhibitor

Cooling Water Chemicals

Product Description
MAKQUAT 005 Microbiocide/biological growth retarder
MAKCARB 009 Algaecide / fungicide / Slimicide
MIRACUT 003 Corrosion and scale inhibitor for closed circuits
MIRACUT 021 Scale and corrosion inhibitor
MAKQUEST 000 Hardness reducer
MIRACLEAN 021 Descalant for cooling towers/equipments
MAKDESLUDGE 004 Sludge conditioner

Reverse-Osmosis Chemicals

Product Description
MIRACUT 005 Antifoulant for RO membranes – High silica waters
MIRACLEAN 006 Cleaning chemicals for RO

Effluent water chemicals

Product Description
MIRAFLOC 051 Cationic polyeletrolyte/Flocculant
MIRAFLOC 060 Anionic polyeletrolyte/ Flocculant