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Sugar Processing

Sugar Processing

Sugar Processing

Biocides/Mill sanitators

Product Description
MAKQUAT 5000 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
MAKCARB 9000 Carbamates
MIRACIDE 5000 Iso Thiozol compounds

Descalants/Scale removers – Sugar Evaporators, Pans, Crystallisers and all heat exchangers

Product Description
MIRACLEAN 12000 Alkaline scale softener used as Caustic Soda additive
MIRACLEAN 8000 PD Alkaline stand alone descalant powder form
MIRACLEAN 8000 Alkaline stand alone descalant liquid form
MIRACLEAN 8000 S Mild acid based stand alone descalant
MIRACLEAN 3000 Alkaline scale softener for Alcohol industry.(Distillation ,Analyser and all columns)
MIRACLEAN 1000 CAL Descalant for Calendria side cleaning
MIRACLEAN BC 8000 Descalant for boiler tubes as per BIS

Antiscalant/Scale Inhibitors

Product Description
MIRACUT AS 3000 Antiscalant for sugar evaporators
MIRACUT D 1200 Antiscalant for Distilleries
MIRACUT AS 2100 All purpose antiscalant/scale inhibitor for any heat exchanger
MIRACUT CA 3000 Scale inhibitor for condensers

Flocculants/Juice-Syrup-Melt Clarification

Product Description
MIRAFLOC 4000 High molecular weight anionic polymer for juice clarification
MIRAFLOC 2200 Medium – High molecular weight anionic polymer for syrup and melt clarification
MIRAFLOC 2020 High molecular weight anionic polymer for effluent water clarification

Colour Precipitants/Decolorisers

Product Description
MAKDECOLOR 6000 Cationic polyelectrolyte decolorizing agent for clarification of raw or refinery sugar liquors, syrups and juices
MAKDECOLOR 3300 Cationic polyelectrolyte decolorizing agent for Blanco Directo or very low color sugars

Defoamers/Foam inihibitors

Product Description
MAKTRO 8000 Organic based defoamer
MAKSAC 5000 Silicone based foam inhibitor

Viscosity Reducers/Modifiers

Product Description
MAKVIS 7000 Polymer based viscosity reducers for Pans, crystallisers and centrifugals
MAKEXTRACT 3300 Special additive designed to improve sugar end operations. Its can increase sugar yield and lower molasses purity, improve purging, reduce pan boiling and centrifugation time, improve massecuite fluidity, speedgraining, and form sharper crystals
MAKEXTRACT 6000 Juice extract aid for Baggase/POL reducer

pH Modifiers

Product Description
MAKBOOST 7000 pH booster/Biocide/Algaecide/Fungicide