MAKSHAPE 80 (Coning Oil)

MAKSHAPE 80 is manufactured with imported hydroscopic agents, wetting agents, germicide, lubricants, fatty acid and adhesive compounds and supplied to spinning industries in our country. It contains no solvents and hence it is non-toxic and non-inflammable.

Coning Oil is used on synthetic filaments after texturising to impart the expected and desirable features. This product is highly suitable for those yarn which are processed on winders with high and medium speeds.

Applying coning oil in the yarn gives strength to the yarn besides proper conditioning.

It also imparts the yarn a good antistatic effect and optimum smoothness.

Chemical composition Liquid hydrocarbons with special additives
Speed Upto 400m/min
Appearance Weekly yellow clear liquid
Solubility Easily emulsifiable in cold water and in Chlorinated hydro
Viscosity 120 – 130 svs
pH 7.5 +/- 1
Storage 6 – 7 months if properly stored


The application MAKSHAPE 80 to be effected if possible at a constant temperature (room temperature) by means of usual spraying devices.


2 to 4 Kgs per 100 Kgs of yarn