The Honey Dew Eliminating Compound (MAKDUECUT 20) is the only one of its kind for eliminating Honey Dew completely present in raw cotton. Then we also give below the salient feature of the MAKDEWCUT 20 for your kind perusal and eliminate the problem in the raw cotton that will be used by you.

The honey dew is normally present in DCH 32 and MCU 5 (lower micronair Indian cotton). Also it is present in Congo, Camaroon, Gold Coast, Benin, CIS, Sudan, Brazil, Ethiopian, Uzbekistan, Greece, MOT, PUMA, ROT, SJV, Agala, Iran, Tanzania, Nigeria, Phulbhey, Phulbhey cottons.


The honey dew is the sugary substance secreted by APHEDS infecting the cotton plants. These insects suck the plant sap from the affected parts and the metabolic byproduct is a sticky substance called honey dew. The cotton struck by Honey dew will be with high stickiness which is a localized effect exhibited by those portion of cotton affected by honey dew. Besides stickness, the attach results in loss in fibre length, micronair valve, maturity and fibre strength. The contaminated cottons have extraordinary high glycerin contents and comparatively high Arabitol and Mannitol contents which are indicative of biologically damaged cotton.


To save the losses incurred by textile mills in crores of rupees, MAKARA have developed a honey dew eliminating compound after conducting a full research and also by importing necessary raw materials from Germany, Netherlands and UK.

MAKDEWCUT 20 assures elimination of honey dew present in the cotton and discards the hindrance caused by honey dew. It ensures trouble free performance, smooth carding and spinning operation, profitability in addition to increased durability, pliability, improvement in yarn quality and other characteristics of the cotton fibre.

MAKDEWCUT 20 is a speciality chemical and is the only one of its kind in India for eliminating complete honey dew present in raw cotton. The raw materials are imported and the products manufactured by us in our Textile Chemicals Unit.

MAKDEWCUT 20 is an odourless liquid and soluble in water. It contains no solvents and hence non toxic and non inflammable. It is sprayed according to the type of cotton and let to the judgment of the user.


MAKDEWCUT 20 has to be sprayed afterbale opening and preliminary cleaning. The cotton should be stack mixed in multiple layers of 6” height and the chemical should be uniformly sprayed with sprayers. The cotton after chemical spraying should be covered with tarpaulins or plastic sheets for minimum 48 hours so that the mass can have proper curing.


The machineries should be cleaned with MAKDEGREASE before the usage of MAKDEWCUT 20.


1 Kg per Ton of cotton and sprayed evenly after diluting with 20 Kgs of water.


48 hours.