MIRACUT AS 3000 is a proprietary blend from MAKARA which has imported powerful dispersants of polyacrylicacids and polycarboxylates to inhibit total scales of Calcuum phosphate, Sulphates, Silica, Oxalates and carbonates etc. It is phosphorous free, low molecular weight co-polymer with 50% active contents non volatile and stable of hydrolysis.

Appearance Clear colourless to pale Brown
pH as required
Specific gravity 1.0 to 1.2
Dosage 15-20 PPM (depending on nature of Scales)


Sugar mills are required to send the scale analysis report or scales along with the enquiry so that our R&D unit can fix up proper dosage and distribution.

We hereby give below the economics and advantages of MIRACUT AS 3000 Scale inhibitor for Sugar Mill evaporators.

  1. Higher rate of Crush:

    Sugar Mills have been able to maintain 10 – 12% higher rate of daily crush than their normal average crush.

  2. Saving in Steam Consumption:

    Heat transfer co-efficient of evaporator station is maintained for much longer duration than normal, resulting in

    1. Syrup Brix remaining at higher level for longer duration.
    2. Better evaporator station efficiency leading to saving in steam consumption.
    3. Saving in much more expensive steam at pan station.

  3. Saving in Steam during cleaning as follows
    1. Saving in steam consumed during cleanings.
    2. Saving in steam due to reduction in cleaning time.
  4. d) Reduction in No. of General Cleaning : While using MIRACUT AS 3000 the Sugar Mills can increase average recovery. For instance we can calculate the increase in profits as follows for a 2500 TCD plant.
    1. Approximate crushing per season – 450000 tons, Recovery at 10% - 450000 tons.
    2. During the fag end of the season, the recovery will drop to around 9% and below and hence the reduction in crushing days will increase profits.
    3. The average drop in recovery is equal to 0.01% per day.

    Using MIRACUT AS 3000 the Sugar Mills can reduce the number of cleaning to 4 instead of 6 to 7 and hence a minimum of days is saved in cleaning time.

    Therefore the profit is
    450000 x 0.04 / 100 = 180 tons.

    Assuming the price of Sugar
    @Rs.15,000 per ton,
    The profit would be
    180 x 15,000 = Rs.27 lakhs

  5. Scale Formation:

    Lesser and softer in structure

  6. Saving during cleanings:

    Cleaning chemical, mechanical tools, salary and wages and overtime etc. on account of cleanings are reduced and lesser quantity are used due to lesser and softer scales.

  7. Cleaning time:

    It is reduced upto 1/3rd of the normal cleaning time.

  8. Production:

    By reducing the number of general cleanings, avoiding losses of sugar in bagasse and reduction of inversion losses, the production of sugar can be enhanced.

“It is never an expenditure using MIRACUT AS 3000, It is an investment paid back by the efficient running of the evaporators.”