MAKCOTMIX 20(High efficacy Cotton Mixing Oil)

MAKCOTMIX 20 is manufactured with imported wetting and rewetting agents, surfactants, Antistatic and Antilapping compounds and chemicals for nepps control.

It is a liquid, soluble in water. It contains no solvents and hence non-toxic and non inflammable. It does not irritate the skin on coming in contact during working. It is sprayed according to the type of machinery and let to the judgement of the spinner. However, for achieving good results the spraying has to be done after cotton is well opened and after preliminary cleaning operations.

MAKCOTMIX 20 imparts the following advantages to the cotton fiber:

  1. It lubricates short fibers so that the flys are controlled to a maximum extent.
  2. It helps smoother carding operations throughout.
  3. It controls roller lapping and stating charges.
  4. It increases C.S.P. value of the yarn and thus mills can get better product value for selling.
  5. It helps in the overall machinery efficiency and trouble free running with no downtime.
  6. It helps change in durability, weight, pliability and other physical characteristics of the cotton fiber. Hence the overall wastages are eliminated and the yarn gets more final realization with good appearance.


It is sprayed with the help of mechanical spraying devices or by hand operated sprayers.


1 Kg per Tone of cotton is sprayed evenly after diluting with 10 Kgs of soft water.