Textile Spinning

Product Description
MAKDEWCUT 20 Honeydew eliminating compound
MAKSTAT LV 40 SUPER Antistatic for synthetic/viscose fibre
MAKBOLL T 70 Nepps controlling compound
MAKCOTMIX 20 Wetting and rewetting agent for cotton
MAKCOTMIX 20 SUPER Antilapping compound for honeydew and wax
MAKMOLD 30 Yarn hairiness arrester
MAKKOUNT 20 SUPER CSP improver for cotton
MAKPOLY 20 Wetting agent for polyester and blends
MAKDEGREAE 200 Degreasing and cleaning compound
MAKSTAT LV 60 Modified Antistatic compound
MAKSPRAY 51 Cotton spray oil/wetting agent
MAKSPRAY 33 Cotton spray oil/wetting and rewetting agent
MAKSHAPE 80 Coning oil
MAKSHAPE 40 Yarn conditioning oil