MAKDEGREASE – 200 (Equivalent solvent for Carbon Tetra Chloride – Ecofriendly)

MAKARA with thorough experience in core sector industries for more than three decades manufacture special degreasing and cleaning compound which is used in textile and engineering industries and also for marine applications.


  1. Though it is a Solvent, it is less corrosive and ecofriendly and has high degreasing power.
    Physical state at room temperature Liquid
    Appearance Colourless
    Odor Characteristics Odor
    Specific gravity at 20 - 22° C 0.66 – 0.69
    Refractive Index at 27°C 1.4450
    Flammability NIL
    Ignition temperature NIL
    Flash Point NIL
    Viscosity at 20°C 0.70 CP
    Explosive limits NIL
    Solubility Insoluble

    Properties Unit Value
    Color Hazen 50 MAX
    Moisture % WT 0.06 MAX
    Non-Volatile Matter gm/100 ml 5-15 mg/100 ml
    Alkalinity as Na2Co3 % WT 0.0004 MAX
    PH 6 – 7

  3. CTC is banned by Governments as it is disturbing ozone layer. Hence, to serve the industries, MAKARA has developed en ecofriendly equivalent and alternative solvent. It does not exist Phosgene which is a highly poison. It is safer to use in textile, engineering, rubber, bitumen, gum and other industries.


It can be used wherever C.T.C. has been used.


200/50 Kgs HMHDPE carboys